Notes on the Nkami Language

This page contains an index to some notes about the Nkami language. Nkami is a language closely related to Nkonya. Its ISO639-3 code is NKQ. The Nkamis live on the opposite side of Lake Volta.

Notes on Nkami

Report on Nkami Survey is the notes on a very brief trip to do a cursory survey of the Nkami language area.
Maps of the Nkami Area is a map of the area in which Nkami is spoken.
Request for New ISO Language Code is a copy of the application of the successful request for ISO639-3 language status for the Nkami language.

An Nkami lexical fileis available here. (Right-click and save file.) The file is in Toolbox form. For more information on the Toolbox programme follow the link Nkonya Dictionary (Raw Form)"
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Report on Nkami Survey
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