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This page contains an index to the books that have been produced in Nkonya.
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Nkonya Bible Downloads

The Nkonya New Testament has been published. It is available as an Andoid app, an EPUB electronic book or as a PDF file for reading on a computer.

Each book of the New Testament, the glossary and indexes are also availabe as separate PDFs.
New Testament File Details
Bulu Ntam Pɔpwɛ ha Mobaɩl
Nkonya New Testament Android App
Nkonya_NT-1.0.apk (2.5M bytes)
Bulu Ntam Pɔpwɛ Ibuk
(Nkonya New Testament E-book)
Nkonya_NT.epub (1.9M bytes)
Bulu Ntam Pɔpwɛ Fɛ́ɛ́
(Entire New Testament)
00-WNTnko-web.pdf (4.9M bytes)

Portions File Details
41-MATnko-web.pdf (897K bytes)
42-MRKnko-web.pdf (764K bytes)
43-LUKnko-web.pdf (887K bytes)
44-JHNnko-web.pdf (867K bytes)
45-ACTnko-web.pdf (855K bytes)
46-ROMnko-web.pdf (541K bytes)
Korintofɔ Gyankpapʋ
(1 Corinthians)
47-1COnko-web.pdf (524K bytes)
Korintofɔ Nyɔɔsɩ
(2 Corinthians)
48-2COnko-web.pdf ( bytes)
49-GALnko-web.pdf (427K bytes)
50-EPHnko-web.pdf (420K bytes)
51-PHPnko-web.pdf (356K bytes)
52-COLnko-web.pdf (401K bytes)
Tesalonikafɔ Gyankpapʋ
(1 Thessalonians)
53-1THnko-web.pdf (399K bytes)
Tesalonikafɔ Nyɔɔsɩ
(2 Thessalonians)
54-2THnko-web.pdf ( bytes)
Timoteo Gyankpapʋ
(1 Timothy)
55-1TInko-web.pdf (457K bytes)
Timoteo Nyɔɔsɩ
(2 Timothy)
56-2TInko-web.pdf (391K bytes)
57-TITnko-web.pdf (338K bytes)
58-PHMnko-we.pdf (327K bytes)
59-HEBnko-web.pdf (549K bytes)
60-JASnko-web.pdf (414K bytes)
Petro Gyankpapʋ
(1 Peter)
61-1PEnko-web.pdf (368K bytes)
Petro Nyɔɔsɩ
(2 Peter)
62-2PEnko-web.pdf (400K bytes)
Yohane Gyankpapʋ
(1 John)
63-1JNnko-web.pdf (408K bytes)
Yohane Nyɔɔsɩ
(2 John)
64-2JNnko-web.pdf (325K bytes)
Yohane Saasɩ
(3 John)
65-3JNnko-web.pdf (325K bytes)
66-JUDnko-web.pdf (379K bytes)
Atɔ Lɛsunahɛ
67-REVnko-web.pdf (581K bytes)
Asʋn Hianhɛ Asɩ Suna
94-XXAnko-web.pdf (137K bytes)
Asʋn Dunkahɛ
(Topical Index)
95-XXBnko-web.pdf (47K bytes)

Sunday Scripture Readings

Since 1994, the Nkonya Language Project has been providing Nkonya translations of the Sunday Scripture readings for Presbyterian & Roman Catholic Churches. These are draft versions and have not gone through the extensive checking that is normally done before Scripture is published. These are 3 month booklets:
Date File Details
Oct-Dec 2001 2001-4.pdf (351K bytes)
Jan-Mar 2002 2002-1.pdf (501K bytes)
Apr-Jun 2002 2002-2.pdf (371K bytes)
Jul-Sep 2002 2002-3.pdf (328K bytes)
Oct-Dec 2002 2002-4prt.pdf (596K bytes)
Jan-Mar 2003 2002-4prt.pdf (582K bytes)


Bible Study Booklets

Since 1998, we produced the following two Bible Study booklets. Again, the scripture portions in these booklets are draft versions and have not gone through the extensive checking that is normally done before Scripture is published.
Date File Details
Bible Study
Book 1
biblestudy1.pdf (78K bytes)
Bible Study
Book 2
biblestudy2.pdf (87K bytes)


Learning About Nkonya

The first two books here are for people who can already read English. The last three are intended for those who speak Nkonya but don't know how to read very well. The final one teaches Nkonya readers how to speak English and may be of some use to someone who doesn't speaks and reads English, but not Nkonya.
Title File Details
How To Read & Write Nkonya readwrit.pdf (534K bytes)
Nkonya Spelling Rules orth.pdf (228K bytes)
Nkonya Ɔwʋlʋ́-klahɛ 1
The First Nkonya Primer
primer1.pdf (500K bytes)
Ba Ablɩ Abrɔfɔ́

Let's Speak English
Nkonya-Eng-Bridge.pdf (6,600K bytes)
Nkonya Ɔwʋlʋ́-klahɛ 2
The Second Nkonya Primer

Out of print - Available Soon

Some Additional Reading Materials in Nkonya

Title File Details
Abí Oyín Ánɩ́ Awútɔ́ Bʋ Mʋ Ɔlɩn
Healthy Motherhood
omenyapo.pdf (2.2M bytes)
Abi Góngon
A Folk Tale
abigon.pdf (272K bytes)
The Nkonya Calendar for 2002 2002cal (224K bytes)
Printed Books Not Yet Published in Electronic Form
(in order of expected release)
Ghana Mbla-Nwun Kútúklú
Abridged Constitution of Ghana
Available Soon in Electronic Form
Ayébi Ɔwʋlʋ́
Nkonya Proverbs
Available Soon in Electronic Form
Ɩsɩsʋ Tsa
Available Soon in Electronic Form
Nyí Bʋ Labi
Trees Are Valuable
Available Someday in Electronic Form
Noah Available in Printed Form Only
Jacob & Esau Available in Printed Form Only

Academic Publications about Nkonya

Title File Details
Collected Field Reports on The Phonology of Nkonya Nkonya_Phonology_FINAL.pdf (700K bytes)
Stewart's 1966 Nkonya Wordlist with corrections and notes Nkonyawordlist.pdf (248K bytes)
Nkonya Dictionary Web Page with links to PDFs